"Tight musicianship, diverse set list and engaging stage presence makes Peacemaker one of the best live bands I have seen. "

- Hairball John / The Hairball John and Friends Radio Show

"If I were to put together a band I would want it to be just like Peacemaker! Brian Carson’s powerful and wide vocal range is untouchable as they cover some great but not typical classic rock! The rest of the players are solid veteran players nailing their parts! Great band!"

- Michael Hawkes - The Rockshow 

"When programming Classic Rock I92, we have found that our listeners respond and interact more when we give them the "Oh, WOW!" factor when it comes to the songs they hear; the songs that are not worn out by traditional classic rock radio.  Peacemaker has that same attitude, and has allowed us to get behind a band for live shows that represents and appeals to our listeners.  They're talented, professional and most of all very easy to work with."

- Bob Hughes program director WIDL 92.1 FM Classic Rock I92